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The Benefits of Choosing to Use a Pet Sitter

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress in their own home with familiar and comforting scents, sounds and surrounds.

  • Home security: a daily visitor can deter intruders. We also conduct a home and yard security check.

  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.

  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.

  • Pet's exposure to illness (kennel cough, cat flu, fleas) is minimised.

  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbours need not be called.

  • We are Federal Police checked and completely insured.

  • We come to you, no inconvenient travel to kennels/cattery.

  • Peace of mind: newspapers and mail collected, plants watered, bins emptied, pet safe at home.

It is likely that you are away from your pet for periods of time during the day anyway, particularly if you work full time. Yet most of us are comfortable knowing that our pet is safe, secure and content in the familiar surrounds of home. Pet sitting is an extension of this belief that pet's are happiest at home. We simply step into your shoes to provide the love, attention, food, water and exercise you normally would. We are a baby sitter for your fur-kids - providing all the necessities for your precious pet when you can't!

Our daily visits also ensure your property looks 'lived in' and is a deterrent to intruders. Also, no-one wants to return from holiday to a garden full of dead plants, smelly sulo bins and soggy newspapers in the drive-way - we can assist here too with basic house keeping services.

Pet Sitters Gold Coast


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